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Healthy Heat Infrared Heating Panels can replace your gas and electric heater this winter and best of all they are affordable, healthy and energy efficient. Healthy Heat heating panels do not heat the air, they heat objects such as: floors, walls and furniture. Because it does not heat the air, people and animals experience soothing warmth.

Cost Efficient:

Infrared heating is extremely efficient in terms of energy consumption. The panels convert 100% of electricity to warmth. Using infrared heating panels can save anywhere from 20-50% in heating costs. As well as this, there are no installation or maintenance costs required with these panels.

Health and Wellbeing:

Infrared heating aids in circulation and stimulates the metabolism. As well as this, there is no circulation of dust and allergens, great for asthma sufferers. Infrared panels heat walls and surfaces, which helps to remove mould and mildew.


Healthy Heat’s infrared heating panels are constructed in a completely eco-friendly manor. None of the components used are made from lead or PVC, which are harmful to the environment.

The panels can be mounted on the ceiling, hung on the wall or moved around on a stand.

There are: 

  1. The Standard Panels Aluminium White Panels - with Frame
  2. Glass Black/White Panels - frameless
  3. Mirror Panels - frameless

Please contact Healthy Heat on 99943100 so that we can calculate which panel is best for you. Healthy Heat calculate 50w per sqm for our standard panels, and 70w per sqm for our glass and mirror panels.


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