How it all started for BioBuddi: An innocent question

Posted on September 30 2019

A success story inspired by a little girl's words!

Here's how Dutch brand BioBuddi came to be. An interesting story as to why they started to develop eco-friendly toys.

"On a hot summer day in June 2011, Steven van Bommel, father of two daughters came home one day to a question that would change the family business that he took over in 2000 after 14 years of hard work.

The two daughters were always interested in the activities of their father. The youngest of the two asked that evening why her father still made toys in the far east from normal plastic. She told her father that the current products were harming the environment around him and ruining it for the next generation, after she learned at school that plastic is mostly made from petroleum, and it's production results in high CO2 emissions.

It was at this moment that Van Bommel realized that things could and should be done differently. His daughter had unknowingly opened his eyes that evening, for the drastic changes the company needed to make. Van Bommel’s dream from then on was to make products that are safe and do not damage the environment in which we live. The following day it was decided that all accumulated reserves should go to this new project. All current investments and projects were stopped. It was the day that BiOBUDDi was born, even though it took some time before it actually came to life.

A special compound

For the next year, Steven van Bommel, together with his team worked on the development of larger sized toy blocks from eco-friendly materials.

Multiple experts in the area that had been working on alternative plastic forms shared their knowledge and started the testing, which in the first two years, did not reach their expectations for success 

In 2017, after 5 years of extremely hard work, there was finally a success to celebrate. The toy blocks could be made from a material that met the requirements. The brand name BiOBUDDi was registered and the first toys sets reached the market by the of 2017!

The compound, for the toys that took long to perfect, had the requirements of being flexible yet hardy, the bricks kept their shape. It also was easy to assemble and disassemble, even by the smallest children. By the end of 2017, the whole compound was certified by TÜV Rheinland (in Germany) and it proved that the toys were high rated biobased."


A success story born out of an innocent question.

Our little ones can truly change the world we live in!